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Crisp, clean and unobstructed Cross Country Skiing to Snow shoeing, Snowmobile or Ice Skating. The scenic snowmobile trails can be found with ease, thanks to the Tobermory Snowmobile Club (O.F.S.C.) 1-519-596-2612. Trail Permits are mandatory so call the Trail Permit Info Line at 1-800-565-5527. Information on trail conditions and special events can be obtained from 1-800-387-SNOW (7669). Cross-Country Skiing can be enjoyed on trails throughout the region, the Bruce Trail, heading out from the village of Tobermory, will provide a beautiful run for novice or the experienced skier. Lots of short trails around Dorcas Bay Beach, Cameron Lake, Hay Bay, and Cyprus Lake. The Winter Carnival is held in February, snow sculpting competition, outdoor ice skating, snowmobile rides and organized cross-country skiing.

Tequila Sunrise Weather
If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. Our unique position on the globe ( at 45 degrees latitude, or halfway between the equator and the north pole) and our proximity to large masses of water result in two major weather systems converging here. One system from the southwest brings warm, moist air. The other from the northwest brings dry, cold air. If unsettled weather appears, it’s usually followed by a system pushing it out quickly.

Other areas at this latitude experience extreme weather conditions. That is, hot dry summers and cold, snowy winters. But due to our position between two large bodies of water, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, we enjoy a much more moderate climate. In summer the Bruce Peninsula is usually sunnier than other parts of southern Ontario. The large bodies of water deflect weather systems away from us. In winter however, the reverse is true. All the moisture evaporating off the lake and bay creates heavy cloud cover. Sun is rare until the lake and bay freeze up. All this moisture helps to give us a longer, frost-free season in fall but keeps us colder longer in the spring. Listeners can tune into Environment Canada's Weather Radio broadcasting continuous weather information and MAFOR codes (marine forecast) at 90.7 on the FM dial.

Pictures: Flowerpot Island, Tobermory. Tequila Sunrise Cottage. Smokey Head White Bluff Nature Reserve.
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