Limitations of liability

I / we represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree with J&B Cottages on the Rock’s / property owner that I / we will use the cottage and it’s facilities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the booking agreement and the house hold rules and that we do so at our own risk and that I / we indemnify and save the Property Owner harmless from any personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, however caused to person or property of the renter, his or her family, guests, during or at time of occupancy. Further, I / we accept full responsibility of the use of the cottage and any recreational equipment and agree to pay for any repairs or replacement of said cottage and equipment, other than for normal wear and tear.

Cliffhanger child safety issues – Steep stairs, cliff and moving rock. Use at your own risk

Limitations of liability forms must be completed in full along with reservation deposit, before reservation is confirmed.

NOTE: Cottages can only accommodate 5 guests maximum in one rental period, more than 5 is a violation of this contract. Unless otherwise agreed upon, immediate eviction may take place for everyone without reimbursement. Please note that if neighbors complain of excessive noise or music this may also lead to eviction.