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Bruce Pennicula

In the heart of a World Biosphere Reserve, the 'Bruce' is a place of global significance. The massive, rugged cliffs of the park are inhabited by thousand year old cedar trees, overhanging the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. The park is comprised of an incredible array of habitats from rare alvars to dense forests and clean lakes. Together these form a greater ecosystem - the largest remaining chunk of natural habitat in southern Ontario.


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At the end of Vickers rd. on the entry of Cape Chin South lyes the remains of farming equipment and home past.



Built of limestone quarried on the island by a team of masons and stone cutters, the Cove Island light warns mariners of nearby shoals. Unfortunately, it did not prevent numerous vessels from meeting their fate on the hidden rocks that surround the island. The Regina was the most famous of these shipwrecks. She went down in September, 1881, taking with her the schooner’s skipper, Captain Amos Tripp. The lighthouse tower, with the last revolving Fresnel light on the Great Lakes, can be best viewed by boat, either from the ferry, M. S. Chi-cheemaun, or by tour boat out of Tobermory.



In 1885, the Department of Marine and Fisheries bought three lots at the entrance to the Big Tub Harbour for a lighthouse. In the 1870’s, Charles Earl, one of the first settlers in the township, hung a lantern on a tree where the lighthouse was later built. Earl’s lantern guided ships into the Big Tub Harbour where they could take refuge from storms and high seas. Grateful for this service, sailors gave Earl coal, flour and coal oil. In 1883 he was paid one hundred dollars a year for this service. He became the first keeper of the new light and remained so until his death.The 43 foot lighthouse at the entrance to Big Tub Harbour is now fully automated with access for visitors.


Bruce Rock's

In 1960 the idea of a public footpath spanning the entire Niagara Escarpment was born. In Tobermory, 1967- Canada’s Centennial Year - the cairn at the northern terminus of the Bruce Trail was unveiled. Seven years of determination, support, vision and hard work were realized when the Bruce Trail was officially opened.


Boat house

Boat docking is available and bass, pike, catfish and salmon fishing are in the Stokes Bay area. Swimming can be enjoyed from the shore or gorgeous sandy beaches that are close-by. Many trails and islands can be explored in the immediate area.



Georgian Bay is about 320 kilometres long by 80 kilometres wide. It covers over 15,000 square kilometres, Georgian Bay was first charted in 1815 by Captain William Fitzwilliam Owen, who called it Lake Manitoulin. Captain Henry Bayfield, who made much more detailed charts of the bay, renamed it in 1822 after King George IV; his charts are the basis of those in use today.


Smokey Head White Bluff, the most spetacular veiw just south of Cape Chin South on the Bruce Trail.


Halfway Log Dump

Halfway Log Dump is accessible from Emmett Lake via the gated road. This 3km hike will take you to one of the most spectacular areas of the Escarpment within the park.


Rock Waters

Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five, a National Marine Park. The Bruce Peninsula Park lies along the Niagara Escarpment — a World Biosphere Reserve. Fathom Five is Canada’s first National Marine Conservation area and underwater park. It preserves a rich cultural legacy that includes 22 shipwrecks and historic lightstation



Road that connects Ferndale and Lion's Head is also halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. The road is sometimes referred to as the 45th Parallel Road.



The Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail, both of which stretch about 700 kilometres (about 440 miles) from Tobermory to Niagara Falls. The Niagara Escarpment is a geologically ancient rock formation that shows itself primarily by the cliffs along its edge (especially striking on the Georgian Bay side of the Bruce Peninsula), or by falls and gorges cut into the rock by various rivers.



Wetlands provide vital habitat for rare and endangered wildlife and many other species.